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Preparing Children for Kindergarten: 6 Key Tips for Parents to Remember

Starting kindergarten is a big milestone for every child. To help them better prepare, Little Blessings Preschool and Childcare Center, a trusted preschool daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas, lists down some tips that every parent should consider. From practicing new routines to visiting the school ahead of time, following these tips can increase the likelihood … Continue reading

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Choosing a Childcare Center: Benefits, Factors to Consider, and Questions for Prospective Providers

Are you going back to work and considering placing your child in a childcare center? If the thought of leaving your child with someone else is something that you are hesitant about, know that you are not alone. It is a big decision that many parents struggle with. Statistics show that in the United States, … Continue reading

What Are the Major Milestones in Child Development?

Becoming a parent is one of the best things you will ever experience in life. There are few things as amazing as raising a child and watching them grow up before your eyes because they become your life. As a child grows, they will reach many different milestones. Here are just a few of the … Continue reading

Tips for Effective Potty Training

Potty training your little ones is a huge milestone in their lives. This is when they can finally move away from diapers and it is one of the first signs that they are growing up. Most children are ready for potty training between two and three years old, so do not rush it and be … Continue reading

Importance of Leaving Your Child a Place You Can Trust

As a premier provider of childcare center in Greenwood, Arkansas, we hear every parent’s silent cry: Who will watch over my child when I have to go to work? However, is there really a safe place to leave your child with? Thankfully, the answer is YES. While you have to earn your living, you can … Continue reading

Preschool Education: What Parents Need to Know

Every parent must come to this crossroad: Should you or should you not enroll your child in a preschool? Aside from having to look for a reputable preschool daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas, parents can also be concerned about the profitability of this learning stage. Are you also troubled with this concern? That’s alright. Your … Continue reading

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