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Good Hygiene Habits for Children

Teaching children about healthy habits can be a very challenging and engaging feat. Those teensy-weensy hands will always be reaching and grabbing out things that come along. Some of the things they can come to contact with can be unhygienic and may put them at risk of transmittable diseases. That is why inculcating healthy habits … Continue reading

Raise Up a Confident Decision Maker

All the young ones will only be young once. When they grow up, reality will start to kick in and children will find themselves needing to decide from one thing to another. Daily, every person makes hundreds of decisions consciously or unconsciously. Isn’t it fulfilling for parents to see that their children already can make … Continue reading

Parenting Tips: Raising a Child Who Speaks Up

Do you want your child to learn to speak up? Do you want your kids to have the ability to speak out and advocate for values that are important to them? Apart from being heard, children also gain a lot from building the habit of speaking up. This is an inevitable part of a child’s … Continue reading

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Things That Make the Start of the School Year Exciting

It’s that time of the year again! The school year is starting once more and your preschooler might be feeling anxious about the first few days of school. Instead of dwelling on the conclusion of summer’s endless playtime, you could focus your child’s attention on the many wonderful things they can look forward to at … Continue reading

Tips: How to Ensure Quality Sleep in Children

Sleep is very essential for children’s development. For one, when they are able to sleep well, they wake up the next day with more alertness and focus. If they are learning in our preschool daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas, this level of alertness can help them retain more knowledge. Children are also very active. This … Continue reading

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Tips: How to Encourage Reading at Home

In our preschool daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas, we recognize how reading can be empowering for children. When they are already able to read, they can explore many places and experience many adventures. Reading helps expand their imagination. We also know that reading is ideal for enhancing a child’s communication skills. So we make reading … Continue reading

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