Childcare Center Programs in Arkansas

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We offer a ton of fun and exciting programs for children of all ages! Each program is guaranteed to effectively aid kids in various stages of development. They are age-appropriate and mind-enriching allowing your child to grow up as a smart and well-rounded individual with exceptional character. Our programs in a Preschool Daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas are sure to make your children role models to others their age; that’s for sure!


  1. Preschool classes

    Our awesome preschool program allows your kids to discover their skills and talents early on. The age-appropriate activities and games they will be participating in would enhance their innate abilities and help them figure out their strengths. These programs teach them how to socialize with other kids their age and encourage them to work in groups when accomplishing a task. More importantly, it helps prepare kids for the more structured learning system of kindergarten and the more complex tasks they would be expected to accomplish in the more advanced programs.

  2. Reading classes

    Reading is empowering! When kids learn how to read at an early age, their potential to learn new things is absolutely limitless. Our reading program allows your children to engage in a lot of fun and exciting activities wherein they’d be able to learn more about books and develop their skill at the pace that is most comfortable to them; at a pace where they wouldn’t feel pressured. We want to instill a love for reading in your children, as it is guaranteed to take them far in life.

  3. After School Care–Includes Transportation

    We pick your kids up after school and make sure they get home safe and sound. Our program also provides assistance with homework, as well as tutoring. We want to offer your children all the help they need to catch up in classes they are having difficulty in, and to give them the chance to reinforce their learning in the most effective and efficient way.

  4. Toddler Care

    Toddlers are at an age where they are incredibly curious about the world around them. You will see them roaming around, exploring and discovering things, and asking questions about them. This is literally when they turn into little balls of energy that are hard to control. No need to worry though because, with our quality toddler care programs, your kids would be able to interact with others their age and participate in games and activities that would satisfy and stimulate their curiosity needs in all the ways that matter.

  5. Drop-In Care

    There are times when you get called to work when you least expect it. Whether it’s a work emergency or another important engagement that you have to attend, you will experience a lot of difficulty in finding a reliable sitter for your child. Also, you wouldn’t want to impose on your friends, relatives, or neighbors because, for all you know, they could also be busy with their lives as well. It’s a tough situation, we know. However, it’s not something we wouldn’t be able to fix with our incredible and very convenient drop-in care program. If you have somewhere important to be and cannot bring your child with you, then just head on over to our facility right away. Our highly trained mentors are the ideal sitters and role models for your child while you’re away.

  6. Summer Camp Program

    Just because school is over doesn’t mean quality learning has to end, right? This is exactly why we have our awesome summer program for kids who wish to occupy their free time with a ton of excitement in the form of educational games and learning activities appropriate for their age. As parents, you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids forgetting their lessons during the summer season because they’d still be properly educated by our summer camp facilitators in the most effective and efficient ways! Enjoying the summer sun will truly be an amazing experience for your child; there is no doubt about that.

If you want to know more about our exceptional programs that are perfect for your child’s various stages of development, don’t think twice about contacting us today. You may also pay us a visit at any of our locations so we can give you a tour of our grounds.

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