About Us

Preschool Daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas

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Little Blessings Preschool and Childcare Center has an enduring dedication to provide children with quality and age-appropriate education programs that are suited to their specific learning needs. We offer kids a safe and healthy environment that allows them to explore and discover their skills and talents while helping them build character at the same time.

Our staff of dedicated and highly trained mentors focuses on holistic learning that is guaranteed to help a child grow in every aspect. Our methods help kids develop a love for learning they will carry on for the rest of their lives. We wish to instill values and principles in your kids that would mold them to become intelligent and well-rounded individuals who are role models to other children their age.

Brief History of the Company:

In 1987, Little Blessings Preschool and Childcare Center started out as a Home-Based Childcare Program licensed for 16 children and serving just children in the Van Buren area. Eventually, however, the demand for the quality of care we were providing increased dramatically and parents found themselves having to be put on a two-year WAITING LIST to get their children into our program! That bothered us! A LOT! After all, we wanted all the kids in the community to experience the quality of education we were able to provide. So, in 1994, we found a contractor that agreed to build the Center that is located in Van Buren, Arkansas. That was 23 years ago! Today, the Van Buren location has two buildings and is licensed for 204 children. In 2004, we opened a childcare center in Greenwood, Arkansas and are licensed for 121 children. We’ve definitely come a long way and are only going to continue growing in the future!

We would love it if you and your kids became a part of our family! Let us join forces to provide your children quality education in the safe and secure setting offered by our facility. All you have to do is contact us today.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of care and education to children at prices affordable to parents! It is our duty to offer kids a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment that is conducive to learning. Our goal is to work together with parents in accomplishing ideal teaching methods that greatly enhance the growth and development of their child. We want to be known and valued for services performed in accordance with the highest standard of ethics and personal conduct.


We seek to always provide care, love, education, structure, and direction to the children in our communities. We want to provide them with a safe environment that would ensure productivity, success, stability, and security for the rest of their lives. Children deserve nothing less than the best efforts from our teachers and staff on the road to accomplishing this objective.

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