Helping Your Child Deal with Meanies In School


There are unkind people who raise unkind kids. Yet, there are also kind people who don’t take the time to raise their kids to be kind. No matter which reason, a mean kid is still a mean kid.

We try our best to make sure the children enrolled in our Preschool Daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas get along, but there will always be one mean kid. No matter what their reason for being mean is, it’s not okay to treat other kids badly.

As a parent, you naturally want your child to grow up in a warm and accepting environment, but if your child is having to deal with mean comments from these meanies, Little Blessings Preschool and Childcare Center is here to offer up some advice on how to handle the situation:

  • Listen and connect with your child. Encountering a mean kid at their day care center in Arkansas can be really hard on your little cutie. Getting called a “wuss” or a “baby” in the playground may seem like nothing to adults, but can be shameful and even scary for a child.

    Make sure your child knows that you are a safe space.

  • Help them find real friends. We know teachers in a Childcare center in Greenwood, Arkansas will cringe at this advice, but your little pumpkin doesn’t have to be friends with everyone in the class.

    Sometimes the best way to deal with mean kids is to walk away. Encourage your child to spend time with kinder and genuine classmates.

  • Help them build their confidence. Your cutie may have a gentle soul but they don’t have to be doormats to meaner kids.

    Teach your child to say “no” and “knock it off” when a classmate is getting aggressive.

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