Parenting Tips: Raising a Child Who Speaks Up

Parenting Tips: Raising a Child Who Speaks Up

Do you want your child to learn to speak up? Do you want your kids to have the ability to speak out and advocate for values that are important to them?

Apart from being heard, children also gain a lot from building the habit of speaking up. This is an inevitable part of a child’s growth and it’s important for parents to nurture communication skills in the process. Ultimately, this benefits children and prepares them for the big school and real life later on.

At our preschool daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas, we encourage our little learners to speak up. Every child is given a chance to speak in class, but it helps a lot if the same practice is observed at home.

Read on with these few tips from us at Little Blessings Preschool and Childcare Center:

  • Practice by Having Conversations with your Child
    As soon as your child starts forming new sentences and telling stories, it’s indicative of the development of their cognitive skills. It’s important for parents and educators to encourage this behavior. Try your best to listen to your child and respond accordingly. Sustaining the conversation for as long as possible is a great way for your child to practice communication skills.
  • Resist the Urge to Answer for your Child
    Your little one will interact with other kids at our childcare center in Greenwood, Arkansas. They will meet new friends and they will experience things beyond our control. When another person asks your child a question, you might feel the urge to answer for them — but this doesn’t really help. Give your child a chance to speak for himself or herself. This is an opportunity for your child to practice his or her communication skills and gain some maturity from the experience.
  • Respect Your Child’s Opinion
    Did you grow up with parents expecting you to share their opinions about most things? You can break the cycle by letting your child speak up and express his or her own opinion. In a way, building the habit of respecting and listening to your child will pave the way toward more open communication in the family. There is no greater pleasure than being able to express oneself and not being judged in the process.

To sum up, we want to raise kids who can speak for themselves. Gone are the past generations who used to say “children should be seen and not heard.” As we progress toward modern parenting and child education, we want to break this school of thought so that we can raise children who speak up for themselves. Ultimately, by showing our children that their words matter, they may also echo the same values and treat others respectfully whether or not they share the same opinions.

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