5 Parenting Hacks: Preparing Your Child for Field Trips

5 Parenting Hacks: Preparing Your Child for Field Trips

So, it’s that time of the year again when field trips are up and coming. How are your children taking it? Are they excited, anxious, or just chilling? What about you? Perhaps, it’s you who’s feeling the excitement or anxiety. As a preschool daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas, we know how instrumental field trips are in the overall learning experience of a child. With that, let us share with you these field trip hacks so you can better prepare your child – and yourself! – in having a most memorable experience ever.

  1. Talk About the Expectations
    Without putting too many expectations, review the itinerary with your children about two days before the trip. When they expect to be in this kind of place and ride that kind of vehicle, their anxiety can be lessened. It is important that they have reduced anxiety so they can have better memories as the field trip begins. When they start right, they can also have great memories for the rest of it.
  2. Create a List of Things to Bring
    Field trips can also be a way for you to train your children to be independent. Write down a list of things they should bring and of course, consult your children about it. You can brainstorm about whether they should bring their favorite teddy bear or not. The list can guide you and help you monitor your children’s belongings so you can check on these once you arrive.
  3. Select Clothes Properly
    As a childcare center in Greenwood, Arkansas, we also encourage you to select the right kinds of clothes for the intended destination. This may entail some bit of research. Thankfully, the Internet can provide us with relevant information such as the weather for the day and other clues as to what clothes we should bring for our child.
  4. Pack Personal Items
    Ensure that their toiletries and medications (or first-aid supplies) are also secured in their bag. Inform them of the location of these items so they will not have a hard time looking for them when necessary. To make it more convenient for them, place these items in an area that is easily accessible or reachable.
  5. Pack Healthy Snacks and Drinks
    You wouldn’t want your children to get hungry or thirsty while on their field trip. Ensure that their food and drinks are ready in an easily accessible location of their bag. When you’re accompanying them, place these items in your bag where you can easily reach them as well.

Field trips provide us with different emotions, both for the parents and children. However, when we are fully prepared for it, we can reduce the negative emotions and simply focus on the wonderful experience we can gain.

Being a day care center in Arkansas, we hope that these field trip hacks can help prepare you and your child. If you would like to inquire about our field trips at Little Blessings Preschool and Childcare Center, don’t hesitate to ask.

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