5 Tips: How Can You Nurture Learning at Home

5 Tips: How Can You Nurture Learning at Home

The ultimate and not-so-secret key to nurture quality childhood learning is fun. When your children are having fun, they will not feel burdened by the lessons or activities. They will have better retention and they will be more inclined to repeat the activities and reinforce their learning as a result.

In our preschool daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas, this is the atmosphere we help develop for the child learners. We recognize that children and playing go together. Hence, we provide adequate time for them to play, while at the same time, get them to do the activities in a fun way so that they can carry out the learning goals.

At home, you can also implement this fun-filled environment through these five activities we can recommend:

  1. Hands-on Activities
    Children, especially pre-schoolers, can be very engaged with tactile experiences. When they are touching toys or items, they have an actual feel of what these items or objects are for. As a result, they will develop an understanding of how to correctly make use of these. At home, you can try exposing your child to playing age-appropriate legos, clay doughs, and even hand paints. In so doing, you are also nurturing their creativity and imagination while they have fun.
  2. Follow the Child’s Lead
    In our childcare center in Greenwood, Arkansas, we have seen how children can creatively innovate a situation so that they can have fun learning time together. You will be surprised at the extent of your child’s imaginative side when you let them lead you to their world. For instance, when they ask you to build a Lego tower with them, integrate instructions such as color or numbers. This serves as their lesson reviews in the context of fun.
  3. Use Bright Colors
    Children are very attracted to colors. You can use this to attract them to learning materials such as books, posters of letters and numbers, and other colorful items you can use. You can also do an experiment of color mixing together, so they can have firsthand experience of what happens when a color gets mixed with another hue.
  4. Have Fun with Them
    Having fun is very natural for children, but this can be challenging for parents especially when we have chores and errands to attend to. However, when we make time to have fun with them, they can be more inclined to see us as someone fun-filled. Hence, when we integrate lessons while playing with them, they can accept this easily.
  5. Create Personalized Games
    As a day care center in Arkansas, we can also recommend for you to improvise on games that utilize personalized items at home. When you’re teaching them about letters, for instance, you can play “Spot the Letter” in different writings they see at home.

At Little Blessings Preschool and Childcare Center, we hope that these tips are helpful for your learning strategies at home. Let us know if you have other childcare inquiries.

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