Tips: How to Encourage Reading at Home

Tips: How to Encourage Reading at Home

In our preschool daycare in Van Buren, Arkansas, we recognize how reading can be empowering for children. When they are already able to read, they can explore many places and experience many adventures. Reading helps expand their imagination. We also know that reading is ideal for enhancing a child’s communication skills. So we make reading a vital part of our programs.

Yet, after school time, is there a way for children to improve their reading skills ? If they are at home, how can you help them to read better?

We have answers for you. So sit tight and read on. Here are some tips that we hope can help you in supporting your child’s love and skill for reading.

  • Put up a Poster of Words
    Posters that have words and letters help children to recognize letters. Even when they are toddlers, they can already start learning these letters. You can start them young by putting up these kinds of posters. Refer to this every day so your child becomes more familiar with the letters and their sounds.
  • Play Nursery Rhymes
    Music also helps children to read through the nursery rhymes. There are many nursery songs today, both online and traditional rhymes. You can teach these to your young learner. Let them see videos of nursery rhymes about alphabets and identifying things. Music helps them feel a sense of fun in reading, and this will be a good foundation for learning.
  • Read to Your Child
    We also believe in our childcare center in Greenwood, Arkansas that reading to your child helps them to read. The time you spend with them, and the joy they experience in this kind of bonding moment, can give them happy associations with reading. At this young age, they can already begin to see how reading can evoke happy feelings, and this will inspire them to read as the years pass.
  • Read at Every Opportunity
    Aside from scheduled reading time, it is also helpful to read to your child in every opportunity. For instance, when you’re unpacking the grocery, you can show them labels on the food items you purchased. Read these writings to them. This way, they can see that reading is very much relevant in their everyday lives.
  • Give them Access to Books
    Definitely, having easy access with books can be a great inspiration for them to read. Put up reachable bookshelves at home, which they can go to when they want to open their favorite storybook. This is also the same setup we apply in our day care center in Arkansas.

There you go! We hope the above tips help. For quality learning experience, enroll them to Little Blessings Preschool and Childcare Center. If you also have inquiries about our programs and schedules, keep in touch with us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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